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Repair Services

Propeller Repair: 

In many cases, Carbon Concepts propellers and their components can be repaired. As long as the damage does not go all the way through to the hollow center of the propeller, it's likely we can repair it. Often blades with thousands of hours of field use have come back through the molds and been immediately put back into service.

Repair Pricing: 

Our pricing for repairs are based on an hourly rate, with a not to exceed amount of $325 per blade (shipping not included). 

  • Major Repair- $325.00 (Shipping NIC)

Major Repairs are typically needed when there is extensive leading edge damage. A Major Repair includes a new leading edge, full blade inspection, balancing, new water seal end cap, and any needed blade body repair. 


  • Minor Repair- $100.00 (Shipping NIC)

Minor Repairs include full blade inspection, balancing, new water seal end cap, and any needed blade body repair. Pricing depends on extent of damage and will be quotes before work is started. 

Our team can repair the following: 

- Leading edge damage

- Nicks, scuffs, scratches and body damage

- Balance

- Water seal end caps

Our team cannot repair the following:

- Any Powershift Products

- Any Power Plus Series

- 15+ year old blades (with serial numbers ranging from roughly 0-17,600)

- Large holes or cracks in the body of blades

- Cut down tips

- "Blown out" tips

- Sun fade (though in some cases, we can polish to bring back some of the original shine)

- Blade tip weights that meet the following criteria: 

  • CYP (Cypress) tip weight of 950g or greater

  • SIG - (Signature) tip weight of 1100g or greater 

  • FAL (Falcon) tip weight of 1400g or greater

  • MAX & SIR (Maximus and Sirius) tip weight of 1550g or greater


Please be advised that not all blades can be repaired and there is a limit to how many times a blade can be repaired.  Always consider that the type of impact that damages a Carbon Concepts blade beyond repair would shatter a wood propeller -- perhaps with explosive, disastrous consequences for the airboat.


When sending blades in for repair or inspection, please be sure to include full name, return address, and phone number in or on your box with the blades. Once we have received your propeller blades, we will contact you with an evaluation and assign an internal RA number. We recommend sending ALL blades in a given set, even if some of the blades do not require repair. In the unlikely event that a blade's tip weight should increase during the repair process, we would have the matching blades on hand to balance as a set. 

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We Believe in Quality & Customer Satisfaction

Our Promise to You 

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee & 1-Year Warranty on Materials & Workmanship


Our team at Carbon Concepts takes pride in our work and craftsmanship. Our goal is that your investment brings you optimum performance in its use. We are grateful that our customers choose our products and take that choice very seriously. To facilitate the highest level of dedication to our customers' satisfaction, we offer 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee and 1-Year Warranty on Materials & Workmanship. 


Please note that all warranty return items must be shipped prepaid to Carbon Concepts, 19 Evergreen Drive, Lake Wales, Fl. 33898. Upon receipt, we will inspect and evaluate the item or items in question for repair and serviceability. After product inspection and evaluation, you will be advised, prior to service or repair, according to the condition of the returned item. The repair or replacement, at no cost to the customer, of any defects in materials and workmanship will be covered for 1 year from the date of user purchase (shipping costs not included).


Carbon Concepts offers NO warranty on reconditioned components or assemblies. Reconditioned items are sold on an AS-IS NO WARRANTY basis.


If you have a claim on the Warranty, Guarantee or Question, please call or email with your blade serial numbers.

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